About Us

Welcome to Cooks Boutique, the one stop shop for the professional chef to the home cook. Cooks boutique was born out of a passion for cooking good restaurant quality food at home.

After initially selling a small number of kitchen items, we have expanded to include hundreds of different items and in the autumn of 2013, our operational e-commerce site launched. The website has been designed to showcase all our products to their best.

Our products have not only been chosen for their design but also quality. Many of the brands are well known household names and have built up a reputation of tradition with a contemporary flair. Our range will show you how easy they are to use and how they fit into any type of kitchen.

Preparing and serving food is part of our everyday life and is always made that much more special when made by yourself and here at Cooks Boutique we value the process of preparing, cooking, baking and serving good food therefore, we are always looking for and sourcing incredible items from around the world to make your life in the kitchen easier.

If you have any suggestions for products we should source or sell why not contact us?

The Cooks Boutique Team.